Lunch Specials

    • Lunch Special Appetizers

    • Mexican Corn Cakes (V)


      A combination of roasted corn, green onions, garlic, freshly squeezed lime juice and a blend of cheddar jack and Chihuahua cheese all hand formed into patties then breaded and lightly fried till crispy.  Topped with our chipotle-lime drizzle...Delicioso!

    • Taquitos de Pollo (GF)


      Seasoned shredded chicken, roasted Anaheim chilies, house-made salsa and a blend of Chihuahua, cheddar jack and cream cheese all rolled into fresh corn tortillas and fried til crispy.  Topped with ancho-chile salsa.

    • Pieles de Patatas Fritas (GF)


      Crispy fried potato skins stuffed with Mexican chorizo chili, melted cheddar jack cheese, pico de gallo and a chipotle-lime drizzle

    • Lunch Special Entrees

    • Oaxaca Steak Enchiladas (GF)


      Freshly grilled skirt steak, roasted poblano chilies and a combination of cheddar jack and Chihuahua cheese served in rolled corn tortillas and topped with jalapeno cilantro cream sauce, queso fresco and cilantro.  Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.

    • Chicken Chile Relleno


      A freshly roasted poblano pepper stuffed with seasoned shredded chicken and melted Chihuahua cheese.  Topped with salsa rojas and melted cheddar jack cheese.  Served with refried beans and Mexican rice.

    • Sonora Brisket Tacos (GF)


      Fresh beef brisket slowly braised with a combination of Dos Equis amber beer, beef stock, onions, garlic, cilantro, cumin, poblano, jalepeno and ancho chiles.  Served in soft corn tortillas topped with cabbage curtido with a chipotle-bbq drizzle.  Served with black beans and Mexican rice.

    • Lunch Special Desserts

    • Cinnamon-Apple Pie Enchiladas


      Crispy flour tortillas stuffed with our special cinnamon-apple pie filling and topped with a caramel drizzle.  Served with vanilla ice cream...incredible!